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Monday,           12/12            8am – 8pm

Tuesday,          12/13            8am – 8pm

Wednesday,      12/14            8am – 8pm

Thursday,         12/15            8am – 8pm

Friday,            12/16            8am – 1pm


Any texts not returned by the deadline will be charged to student’s account at the full retail price.  If you are unable to return your books during these extended hours please contact the bookstore to make special arrangements.

Welcome to MyLynx

If this is your first time visiting MyLynx, please visit the help section for information on logging in.


MyLynx is a personalized, customizable information source, provided to the Lincoln College community anytime, anywhere.

Contact MyLynx support at or
call the Computer Help Desk at extension 7365 on-campus, or
(217) 735-7365 off-campus.

Lincoln Campus Phone Number

If you need assistance, please call 217-735-5050 to contact the school's automated phone system and enter the extension of the person you wish to reach. 
Lincoln College-Lincoln Admissions Office email:
Thank you.